Teaching & Consultation

Dr. Crisp is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine, where she teaches a case conference in psychodynamic psychotherapy and courses for advanced psychiatry residents in psychotherapy. She is on the faculty of the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies in Houston where she teaches courses in psychoanalytic thinking to psychoanalytic candidates and psychotherapy trainees. 

She has taught workshops and lectured nationally and internationally on various topics: psychodynamic psychotherapy; professionalism and boundaries in medicine, psychiatry, and psychotherapy; ethics in psychotherapy; personality disorders: narcissistic personality, obsessive-compulsive personality, borderline personality, avoidant personality; the dynamics of transference and countertransference. 

She serves as an educational consultant for psychiatry residents at Baylor and also sees clinicians in consultation regarding their own clinical work. 

She was a member of the Gabbard Center from 2011-2017, a group which performed multidisciplinary evaluations of professionals and individuals with complex diagnostic challenges. In this context, Dr. Crisp has evaluated hundreds of individuals from all over the country who were sent for evaluation by their professional licensing boards or employers. In this role, she assessed professionals such as physicians, therapists, clergy, attorneys, and business professionals who were facing problems that impacted their professional lives, including professionalism problems, disruptive behaviors, boundary violations, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, substance use disorders, and relational difficulties. Furthermore, Dr. Crisp, along with the team also provided second opinions to clinicians working with patients who had complex diagnostic challenges or treatment failures.