Holly Crisp-Han, MD
4306 Yoakum Blvd, Suite 535 | Houston, TX 77006

Phone 713.665.1602 | Fax 713.665.1601
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The practice is located in the Montrose area of Houston, near the intersection of Richmond and Montrose. 4306 Yoakum Boulevard, Suite 535 Houston, TX 77006

The building fronts Richmond and is between Yoakum and Mount Vernon. Parking garage access is available for visitors from either the Mount Vernon or the Yoakum side, and on-street parking is also available.

Details of the Practice

The office can be reached at 713.665.1602 to schedule an initial consultation.

Psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytic visits last for 45 minutes. Shorter visits to address medication management are 25 minutes.

Sometimes it can take several visits to clarify a diagnostic understanding and make treatment recommendations. Dr. Crisp believes that the fit between psychiatrist/therapist/analyst and patient is important—the work is personal, challenging and potentially life-changing. She encourages potential patients to get to know the clinician over a few sessions and consider the fit as they think of developing a treatment relationship.


Dr. Crisp is not on any of the insurance panels. A statement may be provided that details the appointments, charges, and codes should one wish to file for possible reimbursement with insurance.